This little project was prompted by a lovely stranger who thanked me for feeding my baby boy in public recently and gave me a chocolate bar and a drink. In over 2 years of feeding my eldest son and now my youngest this hadn’t happened to me before and made me feel awesome but also on the flip side because a friend was verbally and physically abused for breastfeeding in public too. Two polar opposite experiences, both in Southsea. 
So I wanted to do something nice so I started a little project called #YesMumma. I’ve designed and printed these as a way of sharing some love and support for breastfeeding mums. Small cards to thank people for breastfeeding in public isn’t a new idea but I know but all I want to do when I see someone breastfeeding in public is shout ‘YES MUMMA’ *ready to high five* so this is a little something to tell someone they’re absolutely bossing it a bit more subtly. 
The first edition cards are white ink on tangerine GF Smith Colorplan 300gsm Orange stock, limited to 100. 
The second edition cards are a four colour version on a 380mic 100% recycled pulp stock – 500
85 x 55 mm
Cards are available for FREE in packs of 5 (Plus P&P or collect from Southsea, Portsmouth)
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