This little project was prompted by a lovely stranger who thanked me for feeding my baby boy in public recently and gave me a chocolate bar and a drink. In over 2 years of feeding my eldest and now my youngest this hadn’t happened to me before and made me feel awesome but also on the flip side because a friend was verbally and physically abused for breastfeeding in public too. Two polar opposite experiences, both in Southsea. 
So I wanted to do something nice so I started a little project called #YESMUMMA. I designed and printed these as a way of sharing some love and support for breastfeeding mums. 
Small cards to thank people for breastfeeding in public isn’t a new idea I know but all I want to do when I see someone breastfeeding in public is shout ‘YES MUMMA’ *ready to high five* so this is a little something to tell someone they’re absolutely bossing it a bit more subtly. 
The first edition cards are white ink on Tangerine GF Smith Colorplan 300gsm Orange stock, limited to 100
The second edition cards are a four colour CMYK version on a 380mic 100% recycled pulp stock – 500
The third edition cards are a four colour CMYK version (with social media icons) on 350gsm stock – 4500
The forth edition cards are a four colour CMYK version (with social media icons and website) on 350gsm stock – 5000
85 x 55 mm
Cards are available for FREE in packs of 5 (Plus P&P or collect from venues in Southsea)
Message via the Yes Mumma Facebook page or Instagram
Order them for free on our Big Cartel shop – Please read the description
Hard Enamel Celebratory Pins can also be ordered on the website which donate 50 pence per pin to The Breastfeeding Network as well as other charities depending on the pin design.
This project is registered and not for profit. The project funds itself, produces free cards (currently at 35,000) and donates to various charities
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